Create user groups and keywords in Twitter



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Twitter has gone beyond being merely a microblogging service to become a benchmark for 2.0 communication. As a result, it has become even more vital to organize the information being received by your account, still moreso if the contacts you are following amount to a large number.

Tweetizen is a web application that lets you create groups of Twitter users, placing them all on a single timeline accessible via a public URL which makes it easier to keep up to date with the latest news from each group from every angle.

You can create as many groups as you wish containing a maximum of 10 users per group. Within each, you can review the users’ timeline, reply to and ‘retwitter’ messages and directly send messages to each of the users.

Each group can be shared thanks to its public URL and can even be incorporated into an external website, if you so wish.

In addition to this, Tweetizen lets you create groups of keywords thanks to Twitter’s built-in search facility, ensuring that you are alerted to any mention concerning your brand or concerning an interest you share with other users. This mode lets you add hashtags and filter content according to language and type of message (RT or web link).
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